1.2b9 [never announced]

Project description.

The Apache HTTP Server Project is an effort to develop and maintain an open-source HTTP server for modern operating systems including UNIX and Windows NT.

The goal of this project is to provide a secure, efficient and extensible server that provides HTTP services in sync with the current HTTP standards

Apache 1.2b9 [never announced] Changelog
  • Reset the MODULE_MAGIC_NUMBER to account for the unsigned port changes and in anticipation of 1.2 final release. [Roy Fielding]
  • Fix problem with scripts not receiving a SIGPIPE when client drops the connection (e.g., when user presses Stop). Apache will now stop trying to send a message body immediately after an error from write. [Roy Fielding and Nathan Kurz] PR#335
  • Rearrange Configuration.tmpl so that mod_rewrite has higher priority than mod_alias, and mod_alias has higher priority than mod_proxy; rearranged other modules to enhance understanding of their purpose and relative order (and maybe even reduce some overhead). [Roy Fielding and Sameer Parekh]
  • Fix graceful restart. Eliminate many signal-related race conditions in both forms of restart, and in SIGTERM. See htdocs/manual/stopping.html for details on stopping and restarting the parent. [Dean Gaudet]
  • Fix memory leaks in mod_rewrite, mod_browser, mod_include. Tune memory allocator to avoid a behaviour that required extra blocks to be allocated. [Dean Gaudet]
  • Allow suexec to access files relative to current directory but not above. (Excluding leading / or any .. directory.) [Ken Coar] PR#269, 319, 395
  • Fix suexec segfault when group doesn't exist. [Gregory Neil Shapiro] PR#367, 368, 354, 453
  • Fix the above fix: if suexec is enabled, avoid destroying r->url while obtaining the /~user and save the username in a separate data area so that it won't be overwritten by the call to getgrgid(), and fix some misuse of the pool string allocation functions. Also fixes a general problem with parsing URL query info into args for CGI scripts. [Roy Fielding] PR#339, 367, 354, 453
  • Fix IRIX warning about bzero undefined. [Marc Slemko]
  • Fix problem with . [Martin Kraemer] PR#271
  • Corrected spelling of "authoritative". AuthDBAuthoratative became AuthDBAuthoritative. [Marc Slemko] PR#420
  • MaxClients should be at least 1. [Lars Eilebrecht] PR#375
  • The default handler now logs invalid methods or URIs (i.e. PUT on an object that can't be PUT, or FOOBAR for some method FOOBAR that apache doesn't know about at all). Log 404s that occur in mod_include. [Paul Sutton, John Van Essen]
  • If a soft timeout (or lingerout) occurs while trying to flush a buffer or write inside buff.c or fread'ing from a CGI's output, then the timeout would be ignored. [Roy Fielding] PR#373
  • Work around a bug in Netscape Navigator versions 2.x, 3.x and 4.0b2's parsing of headers. If the terminating empty-line CRLF occurs starting at the 256th or 257th byte of output, then Navigator will think a normal image is invalid. We are guessing that this is because their initial read of a new request uses a 256 byte buffer. We check the bytes written so far and, if we are about to tickle the bug, we instead insert a padding header of eminent bogosity. [Roy Fielding and Dean Gaudet] PR#232
  • Fixed SIGSEGV problem when a DirectoryIndex file is also the source of an external redirection. [Roy Fielding and Paul Sutton]
  • Configure would create a broken Makefile if the configuration file contained a commented-out Rule. [Roy Fielding]
  • Promote per_dir_config and subprocess_env from the subrequest to the main request in mod_negotiation. In particular this fixes a bug where sections wouldn't properly apply to negotiated content. [Dean Gaudet]
  • Fix a potential deadlock in mod_cgi script_err handling. [Ralf S. Engelschall]
  • rotatelogs zero-pads the logfile names to improve alphabetic sorting. [Mitchell Blank Jr]
  • Updated mod_rewrite to 3.0.4: Fixes HTTP redirects from within .htaccess files because the RewriteBase was not replaced correctly. Updated mod_rewrite to 3.0.5: Fixes problem with rewriting inside sections missing a trailing /. [Ralf S. Engelschall]
  • Clean up Linux settings in conf.h by detecting 2.x versus 1.x. For 1.x the settings are those of pre-1.2b8. For 2.x we include USE_SHMGET_SCOREBOARD (scoreboard in shared memory rather than file) and HAVE_SYS_RESOURCE_H (enable the RLimit commands). [Dean Gaudet] PR#336, PR#340
  • Redirect did not preserve ?query_strings when present in the client's request. [Dean Gaudet]
  • Configure was finding non-modules on EXTRA_LIBS. [Frank Cringle] PR#380
  • Use /bin/sh5 on ULTRIX. [P. Alejandro Lopez-Valencia] PR#369
  • Add UnixWare compile/install instructions. [Chuck Murcko]
  • Add mod_example (illustration of API techniques). [Ken Coar]
  • Add macro for memmove to conf.h for SUNOS4. [Marc Slemko]
  • Improve handling of directories when filenames have spaces in them. [Chuck Murcko]
  • For hosts with multiple IP addresses, try all additional addresses if necessary to get a connect. Fail only if hostent address list is exhausted. [Chuck Murcko]
  • More signed/unsigned port fixes. [Dean Gaudet]
  • HARD_SERVER_LIMIT can be defined in the Configuration file now. [Dean Gaudet]