Project description.

The Apache HTTP Server Project is an effort to develop and maintain an open-source HTTP server for modern operating systems including UNIX and Windows NT.

The goal of this project is to provide a secure, efficient and extensible server that provides HTTP services in sync with the current HTTP standards

Apache 2.3.5 Changelog
  • SECURITY: CVE-2010-0434 ( Ensure each subrequest has a shallow copy of headers_in so that the parent request headers are not corrupted. Eliminates a problematic optimization in the case of no request body. PR 48359 [Jake Scott, William Rowe, Ruediger Pluem]
  • Turn static function get_server_name_for_url() into public ap_get_server_name_for_url() and use it where appropriate. This fixes mod_rewrite generating invalid URLs for redirects to IPv6 literal addresses. [Stefan Fritsch]
  • mod_ldap: Introduce new config option LDAPTimeout to set the timeout for LDAP operations like bind and search. [Stefan Fritsch]
  • mod_proxy, mod_proxy_ftp: Move ProxyFtpDirCharset from mod_proxy to mod_proxy_ftp. [Takashi Sato]
  • mod_proxy, mod_proxy_connect: Move AllowCONNECT from mod_proxy to mod_proxy_connect. [Takashi Sato]
  • mod_cache: Do an exact match of the keys defined by CacheIgnoreURLSessionIdentifiers against the querystring instead of a partial match. PR 48401. [Dodou Wang , Ruediger Pluem]
  • mod_proxy_balancer: Fix crash in balancer-manager. [Rainer Jung]
  • Core HTTP: disable keepalive when the Client has sent Expect: 100-continue but we respond directly with a non-100 response. Keepalive here led to data from clients continuing being treated as a new request. PR 47087 [Nick Kew]
  • Core: reject NULLs in request line or request headers. PR 43039 [Nick Kew]
  • Core: (re)-introduce -T commandline option to suppress documentroot check at startup. PR 41887 [Jan van den Berg ]
  • mod_autoindex: support XHTML as equivalent to HTML in IndexOptions, ScanHTMLTitles, ReadmeName, HeaderName PR 48416 [Dmitry Bakshaev , Nick Kew]
  • Proxy: Fix ProxyPassReverse with relative URL Derived (slightly erroneously) from PR 38864 [Nick Kew]
  • mod_headers: align Header Edit with Header Set when used on Content-Type PR 48422 [Cyril Bonté , Nick Kew>]
  • mod_headers: Enable multi-match-and-replace edit option PR 46594 [Nick Kew]
  • mod_filter: enable it to act on non-200 responses. PR 48377 [Nick Kew]