Released on 16 May 2000
MySQL 3.23.16 Changelog

End of Product Lifecycle. Active development and support for MySQL Database Server versions 3.23, 4.0, and 4.1 has ended. For details, see Please consider upgrading to a recent version. Further updates to the content of this manual will be minimal. All formats of this manual will continue to be available until 31 Dec 2010.

  • Added SLAVE START and SLAVE STOP statements.

  • Added TYPE=QUICK option to CHECK TABLE and to REPAIR TABLE.

  • Fixed bug in REPAIR TABLE when the table was in use by other threads.

  • Added a thread cache to make it possible to debug MySQL with gdb when one does a lot of reconnects. This also improves systems where you can't use persistent connections.

  • Lots of fixes in the Berkeley DB interface.

  • UPDATE IGNORE does not abort if an update results in a DUPLICATE_KEY error.

  • Put CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE statements in the update log.

  • Fixed bug in handling of masked IP addresses in the privilege tables.

  • Fixed bug with delay_key_write tables and CHECK TABLE.

  • Added --replicate-do-db and --replicate-ignore-db options to mysqld, to restrict which databases get replicated.

  • Added sql_log_bin option.