Released on 9 Feb 2001
MySQL 3.23.33 Changelog

End of Product Lifecycle. Active development and support for MySQL Database Server versions 3.23, 4.0, and 4.1 has ended. For details, see Please consider upgrading to a recent version. Further updates to the content of this manual will be minimal. All formats of this manual will continue to be available until 31 Dec 2010.

  • Fixed DNS lookups not to use the same mutex as the host name cache. This enables known hosts to be quickly resolved even if a DNS lookup takes a long time.

  • Added --character-sets-dir option to myisampack.

  • Removed warnings when running REPAIR TABLE ... EXTENDED.

  • Fixed a bug that caused a core dump when using GROUP BY on an alias, where the alias was the same as an existing column name.

  • Added SEQUENCE() as an example user-defined function.

  • Changed mysql_install_db to use BINARY for CHAR columns in the privilege tables.

  • Changed TRUNCATE tbl_name to TRUNCATE TABLE tbl_name to use the same syntax as Oracle. Until 4.0 we also allow TRUNCATE tbl_name to not crash old code.

  • Fixed no found rows bug in MyISAM tables when a BLOB was first part of a multiple-part key.

  • Fixed bug where CASE didn't work with GROUP BY.

  • Added --sort-recover option to myisamchk.

  • myisamchk -S and OPTIMIZE TABLE now work on Windows.

  • Fixed bug when using DISTINCT on results from functions that referred to a group function, like:

  • Fixed buffer overrun in libmysqlclient library. Fixed bug in handling STOP event after ROTATE event in replication.

  • Fixed another buffer overrun in DROP DATABASE.

  • Added Table_locks_immediate and Table_locks_waited status variables.

  • Fixed bug in replication that broke slave server start with existing This fixes a bug introduced in 3.23.32.

  • Added SET SQL_SLAVE_SKIP_COUNTER=n command to recover from replication glitches without a full database copy.

  • Added max_binlog_size variable; the binary log is rotated automatically when the size crosses the limit.

  • Added Last_Error, Last_Errno, and Slave_skip_counter variables to SHOW SLAVE STATUS.

  • Fixed bug in MASTER_POS_WAIT() function.

  • Execute core dump handler on SIGILL, and SIGBUS in addition to SIGSEGV.

  • On x86 Linux, print the current query and thread (connection) id, if available, in the core dump handler.

  • Fixed several timing bugs in the test suite.

  • Extended mysqltest to take care of the timing issues in the test suite.

  • ALTER TABLE can now be used to change the definition for a MERGE table.

  • Fixed creation of MERGE tables on Windows.

  • Portability fixes for OpenBSD and OS/2.

  • Added --temp-pool option to mysqld. Using this option causes most temporary files created to use a small set of names, rather than a unique name for each new file. This is to work around a problem in the Linux kernel dealing with creating a bunch of new files with different names. With the old behavior, Linux seems to "leak" memory, as it is being allocated to the directory entry cache instead of the disk cache.