Released on 29 Sep 2002
MySQL 4.0.4 Changelog

End of Product Lifecycle. Active development and support for MySQL Database Server versions 3.23, 4.0, and 4.1 has ended. For details, see Please consider upgrading to a recent version. Further updates to the content of this manual will be minimal. All formats of this manual will continue to be available until 31 Dec 2010.

  • Fixed bug where GRANT/REVOKE failed if host name was given in nonmatching case.

  • Do not give warning in LOAD DATA INFILE when setting a timestamp to a string value of '0'.

  • Fixed bug in myisamchk -R mode.

  • Fixed bug that caused mysqld to crash on REVOKE.

  • Fixed bug in ORDER BY when there is a constant in the SELECT statement.

  • One didn't get an error message if mysqld couldn't open the privilege tables.

  • SET PASSWORD FOR ... closed the connection in case of errors (bug from 4.0.3).

  • Increased maximum possible max_allowed_packet in mysqld to 1GB.

  • Fixed bug when doing a multiple-row INSERT on a table with an AUTO_INCREMENT key which was not in the first part of the key.

  • Changed LOAD DATA INFILE to not re-create index if the table had rows from before.

  • Fixed overrun bug when calling AES_DECRYPT() with incorrect arguments.

  • --skip-ssl can now be used to disable SSL in the MySQL clients, even if one is using other SSL options in an option file or previously on the command line.

  • Fixed bug in MATCH ... AGAINST( ... IN BOOLEAN MODE) used with ORDER BY.

  • Added LOCK TABLES and CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES privilege on the database level. You must run the mysql_fix_privilege_tables script on old installations to activate these.

  • In SHOW TABLE ... STATUS, compressed tables sometimes showed up as dynamic.

  • SELECT @@[global|session].var_name didn't report global | session in the result column name.

  • Fixed problem in replication that FLUSH LOGS in a circular replication setup created an infinite number of binary log files. Now a rotate-binary-log command in the binary log does not cause slaves to rotate logs.

  • Removed STOP EVENT from binary log when doing FLUSH LOGS.

  • Disabled the use of SHOW NEW MASTER FOR SLAVE as this needs to be completely reworked in a future release.

  • Fixed a bug with constant expression (for example, column of a one-row table, or column from a table, referenced by a UNIQUE key) appeared in ORDER BY part of SELECT DISTINCT.

  • --log-bin=a.b.c now properly strips off .b.c.

  • FLUSH LOGS removed numeric extension for all future update logs.

  • GRANT ... REQUIRE didn't store the SSL information in the mysql.user table if SSL was not enabled in the server.

  • GRANT ... REQUIRE NONE can now be used to remove SSL information.

  • AND is now optional between REQUIRE options.

  • REQUIRE option was not properly saved, which could cause strange output in SHOW GRANTS.

  • Fixed that mysqld --help reports correct values for --datadir and --bind-address.

  • Fixed that one can drop UDFs that didn't exist when mysqld was started.

  • Fixed core dump problem with SHOW VARIABLES on some 64-bit systems (like Solaris SPARC).

  • Fixed a bug in my_getopt(); --set-variable syntax didn't work for those options that didn't have a valid variable in the my_option struct. This affected at least the default-table-type option.

  • Fixed a bug from 4.0.2 that caused REPAIR TABLE and myisamchk --recover to fail on tables with duplicates in a unique key.

  • Fixed a bug from 4.0.3 in calculating the default data type for some functions. This affected queries of type CREATE TABLE tbl_name SELECT expression(),...

  • Fixed bug in queries of type SELECT * FROM table-list GROUP BY ... and SELECT DISTINCT * FROM ....

  • Fixed bug with the --log-slow-queries option when logging an administrator command (like FLUSH TABLES).

  • Fixed a bug that OPTIMIZE TABLE of locked and modified table, reported table corruption.

  • Fixed a bug in my_getopt() in handling of special prefixes (--skip-, --enable-). --skip-external-locking didn't work and the bug may have affected other similar options.

  • Fixed bug in checking for output file name of the tee option.

  • Added some more optimization to use index for SELECT ... FROM many_tables .. ORDER BY key limit #

  • Fixed problem in SHOW OPEN TABLES when a user didn't have access permissions to one of the opened tables.