Released on 12 Dec 2007
MySQL 5.0.50sp1 Changelog

This is a Service Pack release of the MySQL Enterprise Server 5.0.

This section documents all changes and bugfixes that have been applied since the last MySQL Enterprise Server release (5.0.50). If you would like to receive more fine-grained and personalized update alerts about fixes that are relevant to the version and features you use, please consider subscribing to MySQL Enterprise (a commercial MySQL offering). For more details please see

Bugs Fixed

  • Security Fix: Using RENAME TABLE against a table with explicit DATA DIRECTORY and INDEX DIRECTORY options can be used to overwrite system table information by replacing the symbolic link points. the file to which the symlink points.

    MySQL will now return an error when the file to which the symlink points already exists. (Bug #32111, CVE-2007-5969)

  • Security Fix: ALTER VIEW retained the original DEFINER value, even when altered by another user, which could enable that user to gain the access rights of the view. Now ALTER VIEW is permitted only to the original definer or users with the SUPER privilege. (Bug #29908)

  • Security Fix: When using a FEDERATED table, the local server could be forced to crash if the remote server returned a result with fewer columns than expected. (Bug #29801)

  • Performance: InnoDB had a race condition for an adaptive hash rw-lock waiting for an X-lock. This fix may also provide significant speed improvements on systems experiencing problems with contention for the adaptive hash index. (Bug #29560)

  • A build problem introduced in MySQL 5.0.52 was resolved: The x86 32-bit Intel icc-compiled server binary had unwanted dependences on Intel icc runtime libraries. (Bug #32514)

  • InnoDB does not support SPATIAL indexes, but could crash when asked to handle one. Now an error is returned. (Bug #32125)

  • could not run mysqld with root privileges. (Bug #30630)