Released on 25 Jun 2009
MySQL 5.1.34sp1 Changelog

This is a Service Pack release of the MySQL Enterprise Server 5.1.

This section documents all changes and bugfixes that have been applied since the last MySQL Enterprise Server release (5.1.34).


The fix for Bug #40974 in MySQL 5.1.31 caused the regression problem reported in Bug #44810. Users for whom stability is of utmost priority should note that 5.1.34sp1 is affected by this problem because Bug #44810 is not fixed until MySQL 5.1.36.

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Bugs Fixed

  • Incomplete cleanup of JOIN_TAB::select during the filesort of rows for a GROUP BY clause inside a subquery caused a server crash. (Bug #44290)

  • Use of HANDLER statements with INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables caused a server crash. Now HANDLER is prohibited with such tables. (Bug #44151)

  • On 64-bit systems, a key_buffer_size value larger than 4GB could couse MyISAM index corruption. (Bug #43932)

  • On Windows, a server crash occurred for attempts to insert a floating-point value into a CHAR column with a maximum length less than the converted floating-point value length. (Bug #43833)

  • libmysqld crashed when it was reinitialized. (Bug #43706, Bug #44091)

  • Certain statements might open a table and then wait for an impending global read lock without noticing whether they hold a table being waiting for by the global read lock, causing a hang. Affected statements are SELECT ... FOR UPDATE, LOCK TABLES ... WRITE, TRUNCATE TABLE, and LOAD DATA INFILE. (Bug #43230)

  • Using an XML function such as ExtractValue() more than once in a single query could produce erroneous results. (Bug #43183)

    References: See also Bug #43937.

  • Incorrect elevation of warning messages to error messages for unsafe statements caused a server crash. (Bug #42640)

  • In an UPDATE or DELETE through a secondary index, InnoDB did not store the cursor position. This made InnoDB crash in semi-consistent read while attempting to unlock a nonmatching record. (Bug #39320)

  • The functions listed in MySQL-Specific Functions That Create Geometry Values, previously accepted WKB arguments and returned WKB values. They now accept WKB or geometry arguments and return geometry values.

    The functions listed in Functions That Create Geometry Values from WKB Values, previously accepted WKB arguments and returned geometry values. They now accept WKB or geometry arguments and return geometry values. (Bug #38990)