Released on 21 Feb 2011
MySQL 5.1.52sp1 Changelog

This is a Service Pack release of the MySQL Enterprise Server 5.1.

  • Functionality Added or Changed

  • Bugs Fixed

Functionality Added or Changed

  • Support for the IBMDB2I storage engine has been removed. (Bug #58079)

Bugs Fixed

  • Incompatible Change: When auto_increment_increment is greater than one, values generated by a bulk insert that reaches the maximum column value could wrap around rather producing an overflow error.

    As a consequence of the fix, it is no longer possible for an auto-generated value to be equal to the maximum BIGINT UNSIGNED value. It is still possible to store that value manually, if the column can accept it. (Bug #39828, Bug #11749800)

  • Important Change; Partitioning: Date and time functions used as partitioning functions now have the types of their operands checked; use of a value of the wrong type is now disallowed in such cases. In addition, EXTRACT(WEEK FROM col_name), where col_name is a DATE or DATETIME column, is now disallowed altogether because its return value depends on the value of the default_week_format system variable. (Bug #54483, Bug #11761948)

    References: See also Bug #57071, Bug #11764255.

  • InnoDB: The InnoDB system tablespace could grow continually for a server under heavy load. (Bug #57611)

  • InnoDB: If the server crashed during an ALTER TABLE operation on an InnoDB table, examining the table through SHOW CREATE TABLE or querying the INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables could cause the server to stop with an assertion error. (Bug #56982)

  • Partitioning: Failed ALTER TABLE ... PARTITION statements could cause memory leaks. (Bug #56380, Bug #11763641)

    References: See also Bug #46949, Bug #11755209, Bug #56996, Bug #11764187.

  • MIN(year_col) could return an incorrect result in some cases. (Bug #59211, Bug #11766165)

  • EXPLAIN could crash for queries that used GROUP_CONCAT(). (Bug #58396)

  • Unnecessary subquery evaluation in contexts such as statement preparation or view creation could cause a server crash. (Bug #57703)

  • View creation could produce Valgrind warnings. (Bug #57352)

  • NULL geometry values could cause a crash in Item_func_spatial_collection::fix_length_and_dec. (Bug #57321)

  • SET GLOBAL debug could cause a crash on Solaris if the server failed to open the trace file. (Bug #57274)

  • Valgrind warnings about overlapping memory when double-assigning the same variable were corrected. (Bug #56138)

  • On FreeBSD, if mysqld was killed with a SIGHUP signal, it could corrupt InnoDB .ibd files. (Bug #51023, Bug #11758773)