Released on 27 Mar 2000
Project description.
PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development
PHP 4.0RC1 Changelog
  • Added support for UCD-SNMP 4.1.x (Sascha)
  • Fixed a data corruption bug in mysql_result(), if used in table.fieldname mode (Zeev)
  • Fixed a crash problem in func_num_args(), func_get_arg() and func_get_args() when used as function arguments (Andi, Zend Engine)
  • Added get_class_methods(string classname) function. (Andrei)
  • Added 'I' switch to test whether or not DST is active. (Sterling)
  • Fixed a data corruption bug in mysql_result(), if used in table.fieldname mode (Zeev)
  • Modified the registry INI entry reader (Win32) to work with drive letters. For example, if you wish to wish to specify INI entries for C:\foo\bar, you should create HKLM\PHP\Per Directory Values\C\foo\bar in the registry, and add string values for each directive you want to override in this directory (Zeev)
  • Fixed extract() for EXTR_PREFIX_SAME and EXTR_SKIP cases. (Andrei)
  • stristr() no longer modifies it's arguments. (Thies)
  • Don't default to iso-8859-1 since this confuses some browsers. (Rasmus)
  • Make it possible to specify both a port and a socket in mysql_[p]connect. (Rasmus)
  • Added --disable-pic for disabling generating PIC for shared objects on platforms which support it (i.e. Linux) (Sascha)
  • serialize()/unserialize() now call __sleep() and __wakeup() when working on objects. (Thies)
  • renamed to_string() method to __string_value() for consistency. (Thies, Zend Engine)
  • Fixed a bug in the third argument to define()
  • Added is_numeric() that returns true if the argument is a number or a numeric string. (Andrei)
  • domxml now supports libxml 2.0 Beta and drops support for older versions, due to massive changes in libxml
  • fixed possible crash in unserialize() if serialized data was corrupted. (Thies)
  • Changed $HTTP_STATE_VARS to $HTTP_SESSION_VARS. Use only the latter version now! (Andrei)
  • Added GD-JPEG Support (Rasmus)
  • Prevent from loading dynamic PHP modules which were compiled with different debug and thread safety modes than PHP, which resulted in a crash (Andi)
  • connection_aborted() and friends work again (Thies)
  • Upgraded to libtool 1.3.4 (Sascha)
  • UNIX configure creates config.nice in the build directory now which allows easy reuse of configuration options (Sascha)
  • Added support for embedded MySQL client library. Unless you specify a path to --with-mysql, the bundled MySQL client library will be used (Sascha)
  • Added include_once() and require_once() functionality (Andi, Zend Engine)
  • Removed support for pdflib < 3.0 (Uwe)
  • Added auto-registration of everything in $HTTP_SESSION_VARS[] if register_globals is turned off. (Andrei)
  • Cleaned up extension namespace (Stig)
  • OCINLogon() sessions are now closed again. (Thies)
  • Added ip2long() and long2ip(), courtesy of Faisal Nasim <> (Andrei)
  • Added ftruncate() and fstat(), courtesy of Faisal Nasim <> (Andrei)
  • Added parse_ini_file(). Currently implemented in non thread safe version of PHP, and currently lacks section support (Zeev)
  • "none" is now equivalent with "" in Apache config directives (Stig)
  • OCINLogon no longer crashes. (Thies)
  • Fixed comparisons of (string) "nan" with (string) "nan". (Thies, Zend Engine)
  • Switched back to the old $HTTP_*_VARS[] behavior - $HTTP_GET_VARS["foo"] and $foo are no longer references to each other, but separate variables like they were prior to PHP 4.0 Beta 4 (Zeev)
  • Fixed Sybase-DB compilation (Zeev)
  • Fixed a (fairly common) situation where error_reporting values would not be properly restored after a call to error_reporting(), in between requests (Zeev)
  • The various $HTTP_*_VARS[] are now protected, and cannot be manipulated by user input (Zeev)
  • Added ini_set() as an alias to ini_alter() (Zeev)
  • The string None is now recognized as a keyword by the php.ini processor, and can be used to denote an empty string (Zeev)
  • Added get_class_vars(string class_name) and get_object_vars(object obj) functions. (Andrei, Zend Engine)
  • Added pdf_set_parameter(), pdf_skew(), pdf_show_boxed() (Uwe)
  • Fixed comparison of (string) "inf" with (string) "inf", which was erroneously returning false (Zeev)
  • Implemented default_charset and default_mimetype config directives (Stig)
  • Ported T1lib support from PHP3. (Jouni)
  • Fixed -DEAPI inheritance from APXS. (Sascha)
  • Fixed possible crash in module-shutdown. (Thies)
  • Fixed safe_mode_protected_env_vars INI directive (Zeev)
  • Fixed getrusage() (Sascha)
  • Fixed OCI8 crash when returning cursors from stored-procedures. (Thies)