Released on 13 May 2002
Project description.
PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development
PHP 4.2.1 Changelog
  • Added safe-mode checks to show_source(), parse_ini_file() and rmdir(). Also fixed security problems with safe_mode_include_dir directive. (Rasmus)
  • Changed HTTP upload code to accept 0 byte file uploads. (Zeev)
  • Major update of domxml. New functions, better DOM compliance and bug fixes:
    • Changed the old $node->append_child() to $node->append_sibling() since the new append_child() behaves correctly (= W3C standard).
    • Added domxml functions:
      • domxml_elem_get_elements_by_tagname()
      • domxml_doc_get_elements_by_tagname()
      • domxml_doc_get_element_by_id()
      • domxml_elem_remove_attribute()
      • domxml_elem_get_attribute_node()
    • Fixed a segfault in domxml_unlink().
    • Added formatting option to domxml_dump_mem().
    (Uwe, jtate, Chregu)
  • Fixed a bug in socket_select() that could cause unexpected behavior when using a statement like $w = $e = array($sock); This change unfortunately prevents the use of constant values (e.g. NULL) for the socket array paramaters. Instead, use a temporary variable or an expression with the leftmost member being a temporary variable. ex.: socket_select($w, $r, $e = NULL, 10); (Jason)
  • Fixed crashes in the session serializer. (Stas)
  • Fixed malformed atime/mtime with touch(). (Yasuo)
  • Fixed a couple of bugs in array_sum() and array_merge(). (Andrei)
  • Fixed SJIS directory name handling under Windows. (Rui)
  • Fixed empty mb_output_handler() output when Content-Type is specified. (Yasuo)
  • Fixed the false logic in ext/session which made SID constant not to be defined when cookies are disabled. (Sascha)
  • Fixed possible crash bug in HTTP uploads. (Patch: Lucas Schroeder)
  • Fixed possible NULL-pointer dereferencing in the COM extension which caused 'Error in php_OLECHAR_to_char()' warnings on various places. Also modified the API to consistently return NULL in case of an error. (Alan, Harald)
  • Fixed a bug in the COM extension that caused outproc servers to 'hang' because of a missing Release() call. (Alan, Harald)