Released on 14 Dec 2004
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PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development
PHP 4.3.10 Changelog
  • Added the %F modifier to *printf to render a non-locale-aware representation of a float with the . as decimal separator.
  • Fixed a bug in addslashes() handling of the '\0' character.
  • Backported Marcus' foreach() speedup patch from PHP 5.x.
  • Fixed potential problems with unserializing invalid serialize data.
  • Fixed bug #31034 (Problem with non-existing iconv header file).
  • Fixed bug #31024 (Crash in fgetcsv() with negative length).
  • Fixed bug #31019 (Logic error mssql library checking).
  • Fixed bug #30995 (snmp extension does not build with net-snmp 5.2).
  • Fixed bug #30990 (allow popen() on *NIX to accept 'b' flag).
  • Fixed bug #30826 (Certain reference relations cannot be unserialized properly).
  • Fixed bug #30750 (Meaningful error message when upload directory is not accessible).
  • Fixed bug #30739 (imagefill does not set back alphablending mode).
  • Fixed bug #30672 (Problem handling exif data in jpeg images at unusual places).
  • Fixed bug #30658 (Ensure that temporary files created by GD are removed).
  • Fixed bug #30654 (oci8 persistent connection is deleted from hash if there was exclusive connection with the same credentials).
  • Fixed bug #30613 (Prevent infinite recursion in url redirection).
  • Fixed bug #30587 (array_multisort doesn't separate zvals before changing them).
  • Fixed bug #30475 (curl_getinfo() may crash in some situations).
  • Fixed bug #30442 (segfault when parsing ?getvariable[][ ).
  • Fixed bug #30388 (rename across filesystems loses ownership and permission info).
  • Fixed bug #30282 (segfault when using unknown/unsupported session.save_handler and/or session.serialize_handler).
  • Fixed bug #30281 (Prevent non-wbmp images from being detected as such).
  • Fixed bug #30276 (Possible crash in ctype_digit on large numbers).
  • Fixed bug #30229 (imagerectangle and imagefilledrectangle do work well with alpha channel, corners are drawn twice).
  • Fixed bug #30224 (Sybase date strings are sometimes not null terminated).
  • Fixed bug #30133 (get_current_user() crashes on Windows).
  • Fixed bug #30057 (did not detect IPV6 on FreeBSD 4.1).
  • Fixed bug #30027 (Possible crash inside ftp_get()).
  • Fixed bug #29805 (HTTP Authentication Issues).
  • Fixed bug #29418 (double free when openssl_csr_new fails)..
  • Fixed bug #28598 (Lost support for MS Symbol fonts).
  • Fixed bug #28325 (Circular references not properly serialized).
  • Fixed bug #28228 (NULL decimal separator is not being handled correctly).
  • Fixed bug #27469 (serialize() objects of incomplete class).