Released on 14 Feb 2007
Project description.
PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development
PHP 4.4.5 Changelog
  • Upgraded PEAR to 1.5.0.
  • Updated PCRE to version 6.7.
  • Moved extensions to PECL: ext/ovrimos
  • Added a meta tag to phpinfo() output to prevent search engines from indexing the page.
  • Backported a fix in the configure tests to detect the "rounding fuzz".
  • Backported fix for ext/imap compilation failure with recent c-client versions.
  • Fixed missing open_basedir check inside chdir() function.
  • Fixed bug #40335 (Compile fails when using GCC 4.1.1/binutils 2.17).
  • Fixed bug #39971 (pg_insert/pg_update do not allow now() to be used for timestamp fields).
  • Fixed bug #39890 (using autoconf 2.6x and --with-layout=GNU breaks PEAR install path).
  • Fixed bug #39819 (Using $this not in object context can cause segfaults).
  • Fixed bug #39653 (ext/dba doesn't check for db-4.5 and db-4.4 when db4 support is enabled).
  • Fixed bug #39583 (ftp_put() does not change transfer mode to ASCII).
  • Fixed bug #39458 (ftp_nlist() returns false on empty dirs).
  • Fixed bug #39354 (Allow building of curl extension against libcurl 7.16.0).
  • Fixed bug #39034 (curl_exec() with return transfer returns TRUE on empty files).
  • Fixed bug #38963 (Fixed a possible open_basedir bypass in tempnam()).
  • Fixed bug #38882 (ldap_connect causes segfault with newer versions of OpenLDAP).
  • Fixed bug #38859 (parse_url() fails if passing '@' in passwd).
  • Fixed bug #38722 (Calling undefined method prints insufficient error message).
  • Fixed bug #38534 (segfault when calling setlocale() in userspace session handler).
  • Fixed bug #38450 (constructor is not called for classes used in userspace stream wrappers).
  • Fixed bug #38378 (wddx_serialize_value() generates no wellformed xml).
  • Fixed bug #37812 (aggregate_methods_by_list fails to take certain methods).
  • Fixed bug #36975 (natcasesort() causes array_pop() to misbehave).
  • Fixed bug #36248 (CURLOPT_HEADERFUNCTION, couldn't set the function in the class).
  • Fixed bug #34066 (recursive array_walk causes segfault).