Released on 13 Jul 2004
Project description.
PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development
PHP 5.0.0 Changelog
  • Updated PCRE to provide better error handling in certain cases. (Andrei)
  • Changed doc comments to require a single white space after '/**'. (Marcus)
  • Fixed strip_tags() to correctly handle '\0' characters. (Stefan)
  • Fixed bug #29019 (Database not closing). (Marcus)
  • Fixed bug #29008 (array_combine() does not handle non-numeric/string keys). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #28999 (fixed behaviour of exec() to work as it did in 4.X). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #28895 (ReflectionClass::isAbstract always returns false). (Marcus)
  • Fixed bug #28868 (Internal filter registry not thread safe). (Sara)
  • Fixed bug #28851 (call_user_func_array has typo in error message). (Marcus)
  • Fixed bug #28831 (ArrayObject::offsetGet() does the work of offsetUnset()). (Marcus)
  • Fixed bug #28822 (ArrayObject::offsetExists() works inverted). (Marcus)
  • Fixed bug #28789 (ReflectionProperty getValue() fails on public static members). (Marcus)
  • Fixed bug #28771 (Segfault when using xslt and clone). (Rob)
  • Fixed bug #28751 (SoapServer does not call _autoload()). (Dmitry)
  • Fixed bug #28739 (array_*diff() and array_*intersect() not clearing the fci cache before work). (Andrey)
  • Fixed bug #28721 (appendChild() and insertBefore() unset DOMText).(Rob)
  • Fixed bug #28702 (SOAP does not parse WSDL service address correctly). (Dmitry)
  • Fixed bug #28699 (Reflection api bugs). (Marcus)
  • Fixed bug #28694 (ReflectionExtension::getFunctions() crashes PHP). (Marcus)
  • Fixed bug #28512 (Allocate enough space to store MSSQL data). (Frank)
  • Fixed bug #28325 (Circular references not properly serialised). (Moriyoshi)