Released on 8 Jun 2004
Project description.
PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development
PHP 5.0.0RC3 Changelog
  • Moved the PDFLib extension to PECL. (Wez)
  • Added MySQL 4.1.2-alpha and 4.1.3-beta support to MySQLI extension. (Georg)
  • Added support for dumping private/protected properties to var_dump(). (Andrey)
  • Added count() support for COM arrays. (Wez)
  • Added Firebird/InterBase UDF source that allows PHP functions to be called from SQL (Ard)
  • Changed user error handler mechanism to relay to built-in error handler if it returns false. (Andrei)
  • Changed class type hints for function parameters to not allow the passing of NULL values. (Andi)
  • Changed tidy_node to tidyNode and removed tidy_exception. (John)
  • Fixed ip2long() to return FALSE if an IP address passed to this function is not valid. (Derick)
  • Fixed memory leak in memory manager. (Andi)
  • Fixed problem with exceptions returning from include(). (Dmitry)
  • Fixed bug #28641 (Instance of Interface). (Marcus)
  • Fixed bug #28430 (Extending mysqli class). (Georg)
  • Fixed bug #28311 (Transparency detection code is off by 1). (Ilia, pikeman at pikeman dot sytes dot net)
  • Fixed bug #28304 (Missing bounds check inside imagefilter()). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #28300 (Userspace stream/filter names forced to lowercase). (Sara)
  • Fixed bug #28287 (stream_*_register() not calling __autoload()). (Sara)
  • Fixed bug #28267 (php_image_filter_contrast calls gdImageBrightness). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #28239 (No results returned on SOAP call, no error given). (Dmitry)
  • Fixed bug #28205 (num_rows property for statement object). (Georg)
  • Fixed bug #28161 (COM: Array style properties could not be accessed). (Wez)
  • Fixed bug #28125 (ArrayObject leaks when accessing elements). (Marcus)
  • Fixed bug #28100 (NULL parameter support for mysqli_ssl_set). (Georg)
  • Fixed bug #28099 (ArrayObject doesn't implement ArrayAccess). (Marcus)
  • Fixed bug #27929 (SPL: change visibility of ArrayIterator::__construct). (Marcus)
  • Fixed bug #27640 (memory leak of registered_zend_ini_directives). (Dmitry)
  • Fixed bug #27063 (SPL: ArrayObject does not handle PPP correctly). (Marcus)