Released on 21 Dec 2003
Project description.
PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development
PHP 5.0.0b3 Changelog
  • Bundled new tidy extension (John, Wez)
  • Upgraded PCRE library to version 4.5. (Andrei)
  • Dropped Windows 95 support. (Andi)
  • Moved extensions to PECL:
    • ext/crack (Jani, Derick)
    • ext/db (Jani, Derick)
    • ext/mcal (Jani, Derick)
    • ext/qtdom (Jani, Derick)
    • ext/notes (Wez)
  • Added 'c' modifier to date() which returns the date in the ISO 8601 format. (Derick, Manuzhai)
  • Added an optional parameter to microtime() to get the time as float. (Andrey)
  • Added MacRoman encoding support to htmlentities(). (Derick, Marcus Bointon)
  • Added possibility to call PHP functions as XSLT-functions. (Christian)
  • Added possibility to prevent PHP from registering variables when input filter. support is used. (Derick)
  • Added iconv stream filter (convert.iconv.*). (Moriyoshi)
  • Added EXSLT support in ext/xsl. (Christian)
  • Added qdbm handler for dba extension. (mg at iceni dot pl, Marcus)
  • Added new functions:
    • dba_key_split() to split inifile keys in an array. (Marcus)
    • time_nanosleep() signal safe sleep (Magnus, Ilia)
    • headers_list(). (Sara)
    • php_strip_whitespace(). strip whitespace & comments from a script. (Ilia)
    • php_check_syntax(). check php script for parse errors. (Ilia)
    • image_type_to_extension(). return extension based on image type. (Ilia)
    • stream_socket_sendto() and stream_socket_recvfrom(). (Wez)
    • iconv_mime_decode_headers(). (Moriyoshi)
    • get_declared_interfaces(). (Andrey, Marcus)
    • sqlite_fetch_column_types(). (Ilia)
  • Added proxy support to http:// wrapper. (Sara)
  • Added rename(), rmdir() and mkdir() support to userstreams. (Sara)
  • Added rename(), rmdir() and mkdir() support to ftp:// wrapper. (Sara)
  • Changed rename(), rmdir() and mkdir() to be routed via streams API. (Sara)
  • Changed stat() and family to be routed via streams API. (Sara)
  • Fixed include_once() / require_once() on Windows to honor case-insensitivity; of files. (Andi)
  • Fixed get_declared_classes() to return only classes. (Andrey, Marcus)
  • Fixed __autoload() to preserve case of the passed class name. (Andi)
  • Fixed bug #26615 () (runekl at opoint dot com, Derick)
  • Fixed bug #26591 ("__autoload threw an exception" during an uncaught). (Marcus)
  • Fixed bug #26534 (stream_get_meta_data() -> Access Violation). (Wez)
  • Fixed bug #26528 (HTML entities are not being decoded by xml_parse()/xml_parse_into_struct()). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #26182 (Object properties created redundantly). (Andi)
  • Fixed bug #26156 (REPLACE_ZVAL_VALUE works on uninit stack-based zvals). (Moriyoshi)
  • Fixed bug #26083 (Non-working write support in ext/dom). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #26072 (--disable-libxml does not work). (Jani)
  • Fixed bug #26001 (serialize crashes when accessing an overloaded object that has no properties (NULL hashtable)). (Wez)
  • Fixed bug #25664 (COM crashes when calling a Delphi implementations of ITypeInfo). (Wez)
  • Fixed bug #24837 (Incorrect behaviour of PPP using foreach). (Marcus)
  • Fixed bug #24693 (Allow session.use_trans_sid to be enabled/disabled from inside the script). (Ilia)
  • Fixed bug #24394 (Serializing cross-referenced objects causes segfault). (Moriyoshi)