Released on 11 Jun 2015
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PHP is a popular general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to web development
PHP 5.4.42 Changelog
  • Core:
    • Improved fix for bug #69545 (Integer overflow in ftp_genlist() resulting in heap overflow). (CVE-2015-4643)
    • Fixed bug #69646 (OS command injection vulnerability in escapeshellarg). (CVE-2015-4642)
    • Fixed bug #69719 (Incorrect handling of paths with NULs).
  • Litespeed SAPI:
    • Fixed bug #68812 (Unchecked return value).
  • Mail:
    • Fixed bug #68776 (mail() does not have mail header injection prevention for additional headers).
  • Postgres:
    • Fixed bug #69667 (segfault in php_pgsql_meta_data). (CVE-2015-4644)
  • Sqlite3:
    • Upgrade bundled sqlite to (CVE-2015-3414, CVE-2015-3415, CVE-2015-3416)